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Dream Theater T Shirts

I wasn’t sure what to expect from New York. You hear tales of relentless movement, the city that never sleeps and thrown in what they say is shopping heaven and impatient people and the gloss that is lavished upon New York seems to disappear. However it ended up being the perfect place for Trivium and Dream Theater to show fans exactly what they can do. It was only by chance I was here walking the streets like a typical British tourist who thought New York was simply the set of Friends but what a city and what a time to visit as I landed already sporting my favourite Dream Theater t-shirt.

Just before we left we’d found out from a friend living over there about the concert and he’d already landed tickets for it. Given New York is such a modern progressive city it seemed now to be the perfect place to catch a Dream Theater show. We are all fans but there were always going to be questions surrounding the band after the departure of Portnoy and the arrival of Mangini and that simply added to the excitement of not quite knowing what to expect. We arrived early and rightly so when we saw the lines of Dream Theater t-shirts already queuing outside.

The Beacon Theatre had a feeling of elegance about it that wouldn’t sit comfortably with most metal fans but perfectly suited to Dream Theater. Trivium absolutely smashed their set and my only complaint about their performance was that it didn’t go on long enough and seemed to finish just as the crowd peaked. Perhaps that was their skill though to leave you wanting more by finishing at their peak and if so it definitely worked

Dream Theater Take to The Stage To Bring The House Down

After a rousing opener I was stood there, we were stood there; all dressed in matching Dream Theater t-shirts with our hands at the ready to wave and pump our way through their entire set. LaBrie burst onto the stage like a superhero with his long dark trench coat and simply roasted the crowd from start to finish. So much energy, so much passion and his vocals were absolutely on point all night.

Mangini had nothing to fear as he got a rousing reception from all and by the end of the set it left most of the audience questioning just how many hands he had such was his incredible performance. It’s rare to see drum solos get a standing ovation but this guy cleaned up and left nobody in any doubt they were going to continue where they’d left off. Each song seemed to be one anthem after another as they took us through a story of their album history and by the time the end came and Dream Theater t-shirt was packed full of sweat the band had earned every last drop out of their fans and I simply can’t wait to see them again.


For all the latest up to date information on the amazing Dream Theater please visit their official website http://www.dreamtheater.net/