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Dropkick Murphys T Shirts

Call them punk, call them Celtic punk but if you're around Boston on St Patrick's Day chances are you'll be calling them because they are the fantastic Dropkick Murphy's. This is why we are very proud to present our Dropkick Murphy's t shirts to all those out there who are Irish at heart and who knows a little luck may come your way if you pick one up?


Originally from Quincy, Massachusettes they are now more famously associated with Boston with there song 'Tessie' being played at the home of the Red Sox after a win and they've even had their hit song 'I'm Shipping Up to Boston' featured in the Oscar winning film The Departed and whilst that's a big commercial achievement their real love is those smaller more intimate venues where they play live and get to see the faces of their fans and of course all those wonderful Dropkick Murphy's t shirts out there.


It's not hard  to see where the band's musical influences came from, you can hear some early British punk like The Clash and the rebellion of the Sex Pistols in their work but their Irish sound may be more familiar to the US audience as being similar to that of the Pogues. That's where their position stands though in sound it's rebellious and antagonistic in the best possible way and it is why their fans are so passionate about wearing their Dropkick Murphy's t shirt on the street


Perhaps it's a fashion statement or perhaps it's one of independence but they are seen as regularly in Boston as Dublin. Some have likened the band to Fall Out Boy with bagpipes though the band themselves cite other heavier influences with their love of The Ramones and their desired wish to be the AC DC of Celtic Punk rock.


The working class feel attached to the band not just for the musical influence in which punk has always been the music of the working class but also their political leanings which have seen them support the union movement.


They have a huge fan base and are true people warriors and a band like that deserves the utmost respect and that's why we've created the biggest and best collection of Dropkick Murphy's t-shirts in the world. 

Womens Dropkick Murphy's T Shirts Are Here To Stay


We all have a bit of Irish in us they say or the men would say every woman would liek to be in truth it is no longer that the sole provider of social commentary are men. In the growing world of rebellious rock there as many women taking to the bars and club and attenting the gigs as men now so its only fair to provide a range of women's Dropkick Murphy's t shirts to treasure.


Never the ones to fly in the face of equality we're happy to provide the most unique collection of fabrics and shapes that we hope keep you all very happy.


For a little more in depth information on the band you can see their Wiki page here