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Duran Duran T Shirt and T Shirts

The Duran Duran T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway


Duran Duran were the inspiration of new wave romantic with bands like Spandau Ballet and Ultravox but none of the bands mentioned captured the hearts of the public like Duran Duran.


Was it because of the music itself or was it the incredible uses of the music video as a tool for Duran Duran to self promote around the world. With model good looks and an equally stylish fashion sense, women would melt at their sight and men couldn’t wait to be like them.

Their music video told a story, Rio as high living boys, Hungry like the Wolf as adventurers and often their video resembled films and offered comparisons to Raiders of the Lost Ark and the Road Warrior. Whatever it was, they became infectious and their music as uplifting as it was compelling.


In the early days videos such as The Chauffeur and Girls on Film were criticised for their sexual content. They were chic meets sexy and it was a welcome refreshing change from the post punk era of the sex pistols and such bands.


Nick Rhodes and John Taylor took the name from a character from the science fiction film Barbarella and went through several lead singers until a certain Simon LeBon a drama student at Birmingham University came calling.

Their first real massive hit came soon after they signed with EMI and gave us ‘planet earth’ becoming mainstream and media sensations overnight. Their cutting edge was making them popular and when the bizarre and racy clip for ‘Girls on Film’ was banned by the BBC it was just the catalyst they needed MTV jumped all over the video and they became cult heroes across Europe and with their new global audience on MTV the U.S beckoned too and the rest my friends is history.