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Edge of Sanity T Shirts

The Edge of Sanity fans don’t need us to tell them how influential and progressive they have been in the world of metal. This is hopefully a tribute to the band with a great collection of Edge of Sanity t-shirts. However you can see for yourself by looking at the designs and make up your own mind on that so instead of talking about our Edge of Sanity t shirts we thought we’d be a little more creative and provide something a little more interesting to read. We hope you like and here goes.
Many years from now there’s a man who sits alone. To us he is sat in a home somewhere we once knew as Sweden or at least that is the best guess. For some time now borders have not mattered. There have been no laws to enforce of governments to rule as the population suffered. Nobody knows what caused this deformity. Instant inability to reproduce across the globe couldn’t be explained and one old man sat alone and wrinkled wearing a black, shredded Edge of Sanity t shirt.
You can’t explain why he held on to this t-shirt so much. As a young man he’d listened to the band and remembered they’d predicted this end but whilst most others resented this foresight as a means of something to vent their anger at he had found comfort somehow in their music. He couldn’t listen to them anymore. There was no electricity, no batteries what little solar power units had been created were unmanned and now all he had left were his memories and his Edge of Sanity t-shirt.

The World Shrinks To Only One Man and He Is The Man In The Edge of Sanity T Shirt

Being the last man alive had few positives. It gave you a lot of time to think, to assess, to explore your own mind which drove some men crazy as the numbers grew smaller. Old age along with such a unique set of circumstances was something nobody has experienced before. One by one he watched everybody pass until only he was left. As those closed to him dropped from this world the pain was difficult to bear but the more it happened the less it hurt.
He became almost immune to grief he’d experienced so much of it. So he sat there alone in his t-shirt and pants and though he never had to make an apology anymore he could never make anybody happy either. There was inevitability about his fate that made things easier to accept. There was no cure; there is no cure for age. There were no women so the seed of mankind stopped with him and as his long shaggy beard grew thicker he took one look in the broken mirror at his reflection and his thoughts that often were shattered just like pieces of the mirror suddenly came together. He was the only one left. It all ends with him.
It was a terrifying thought but not as terrifying as the sound he was about to hear. There was a knock at the door. How? He knew he was the only one left and had been for years and he looked back into the mirror with fear and his reflection winked. Was he going crazy? Was this finally the end? How was there a knock at the door? The man in the Edge of Sanity t shirt slowly walked what could be the last few steps of mankind.

For in depth information on the band Edge of Sanity you can find more in their wiki page here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edge_of_Sanity