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Evanescence T Shirts

When you look at Evanescence t shirts they stay very true to what the band symbolises in their dark, gothic yet almost beautiful nature in the way they come across. You can still see the smarting duality of the influence of the gorgeous Amy Lee and the darker side of Moody and whilst no longer a part of the band you can still see the influence in the art.
That’s why we love Evanescence t shirts so much in that just like the band they remain true to who they set out to be. Hard work got them to their debut album that literally blew the music world right open. When your first album scales the Billboard charts in multiple categories you know you’ve unearthed something truly special.
People will try and categorise them into rock, metal, gothic sounds or whatever they like but in truth whilst the melodies are beautiful at times the vocal fragile and soft they remain a hard hitting band with each and every hit that touches a nerve with the youth of today. It’s that unique sound and inspirational mix that have made them sell well over 30 million copies of their albums worldwide and why they’re enjoying such a successful tour in which I’m sure they will have seen one or two Evanescence t shirts in the crowd.

Evanescence T Shirts for Women at T Shirt Subway

Given their lead vocalist is a woman and given their values you would be surprised to know that most t-shirts appear either in men’s classic format or the delusional in title unisex form. There’s little unisex about it unless you call women comforting to male standards simply to sell more t shirts unisex it would be more uniformity in man’s image that sounds more accurate.
This is where we come in though as every single one of our designs comes in its own Evanescence t shirt for women. That means no more compromise, no more having to settle you now have the absolute right to select between the unisex, male or indeed ladies t shirt if you think that serves the purpose better.
We will leave that up to you and if whilst you’re considering that you want to find the latest news about the band then please visit http://www.evanescence.com/