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Fear Factory T Shirts

Our Fear Factory t-shirts collection is fast becoming the envy of other sites. The band now back with us has a new and loyal following and they have rightly established themselves back on the metal scene. We haven’t yet had the pleasure of seeing them perform live but we’ve been told it’s an explosive affair and one not to be missed so it definitely has to be on our to do list.

It would be absolutely fantastic to stand amongst their fans and perhaps maybe even see some Fear Factory t-shirts that were created by ourselves but with so many bands and so much to do there is limited ability to do this so we would challenge and fans out there to do this on our behalf and maybe even drop as en email and let us know how it went and I’m sure we could arrange a freebie or two if you go to that trouble.


Fear Factory and Industrial Metal Revolution

Most people think of the industrial revolution being a time of prosperity for western civilisation as we lead the way in manufacturing but it has a very different meaning to meal fans across the world.  

One of the most important metal bands of the 90's they left us in 2002 but now they're back. After 7 albums of solid work they've almost singe handedly encapsulated the title of industrial metal but in truth they pioneered and pushed forward many different styles and even fused them together.


You can hear anything in different parts of their work from groove and thrash meta; to a darker death metal style but they remain on of the most important bands of their time and we cannot wait to see what The Industrialist brings.