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Foo Fighters T Shirts

The Foo Fighters are a much talked about band, primarily now because of their success as a band but originally because of the death of another. This Foo Fighters t-shirt collection is here to focus really in the birth of an amazing rock band but it would be hard to mention them without talking about its founder member Dave Grohl. The tragic end that came to Nirvana in the wake of Kurt Cobain’s dead meant the band was dissolved.

Nirvana were possibly one of the most important bands of any generation and when you lose something it’s hard to see any good come out if it and little did. Though there’s a legacy left there and a small part of that is the birth of the Foo Fighters. Grohl is now a legend in his own right and was the only original founding member. Perhaps he felt the need to carry on and started before he was sure what he wanted to do or perhaps it was a reaction to the fact his former band simply couldn’t continue under that name but we’re glad he carried on and hopefully these Foo Fighters t-shirts do justice to the band in its own right.

What a band it turned out to be. The Foo Fighters certainly surprised us all it looked like a mix of Nirvana and Sunny Day Real Estate but what followed was a runaway success. It must have been hard to try and move away from previous sounds and get an identity of your own with so many comparisons but now you’re likely to see sell out crowds, wearing their Foo Fighters t-shirt and following the band in its own right rather than a memory.

Rolling hits such as Wheels and number 1 selling albums such as Wasting Light have helped the band to create their own legacy and their own image and few could argue as a live act they are one of the best around. Dave Grohl himself has grown into the role of leader and his instrumentals and writing have created his own unique sound and brand and the fans have taken to it. So sit back, enjoy and hopefully you see something you like amongst what we think is the best Foo Fighters t-shirts collection in the world.

Foo Fighters T-shirts for Women

You will see there is a regular consistency to this website in that we absolutely, completely believe there should be equality in all forms of life and the world of music merchandising should be no different and that is why we make women’s Foo Fighter’s t-shirts simply so if you don’t wish to you’re not forced to simply wear a unisex tee without any choice. There’s nothing wrong with unisex t-shirts and if that’s what you like great but we think you should have the choice of the fit.

So we’re not throwing in the odd women’s t-shirt to keep you happy, that’s not our style it is total commitment to the cause and we guarantee that in every design in every place there is a men’s Foo Fighters t shirt we have also created a women’s Foo Fighters t-shirt alongside which is complete and total fairness across the board and we hope both the guys and girls out there appreciate it. 


For the very latest Foo Fighters information you can visit their offical page here http://www.foofighters.com