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Frank Zappa T Shirts

What can you say about Frank Vincent Zappa? Could you perhaps call him simply a musician? Well he’s much more than that you can credit a long list of achievements to him as a composer, guitarist, record producer and film director over his 30 year plus career. However this Frank Zappa t-shirts collection is here to pay tribute to the icon, the man himself.

You have to salute people who are never afraid to push boundaries be it musically, professionally or socially and Frank is certainly one person who has done that. With over 60 albums produced almost entirely of which consisted of his production be it as a solo performer or with his band the Mothers of Invention that alone is an incredible achievement.

It is his diverse nature and talents that have perhaps kept him as an icon to many even now be it young or old and that is why a Frank Zappa t-shirt is still so popular. It is a statement you make perhaps because you support the free thought values he maintained throughout his career. Politically he was always an advocate of low taxes and low government intervention as people should be free to live how they like so long as they cause no other harm.

Perhaps that is the message his fans really sent out with a Zappa tee, it is one of celebration and tolerance for each other and how we choose to live so long as it doesn’t hurt. Some parts of the media thought that he was pro drugs which seems strange given he didn’t take drugs himself. Often amongst students his views were celebrated as saying if people did it and they hurt nobody it’s not a problem it is only when a driver or such causes and accident under the influence it becomes an issue.

Perhaps one of strangest roles he took when he was asked to advise the Czechoslovakian government on a range of things from trade to any number of unusual sectors and there were rumours that in fact he was considering running for President of the United states and we’re certain A Zappa for President t-shirt would have been incredibly popular with music fans the world over.

You could discuss his film making and many other strings to his bow but the one thing, the one story that I always liked to hear was that he was an advocate for democracy even amongst his own fans at his own gigs. Often he’d ask fans to vote on a range of things from album covers to next singles and he’d always go with the majority vote which truly made him a musician of the people.

Women’s Frank Zappa T-shirts On Line Now

Given his advocating of free thinking and equality across the board it is amazing to think some music merchandisers still restrict the choices available to fans globally. Everything is still unisex or men’s and it’s hard to find something particular or personal to you and this is where we come in.

We make Frank Zappa t-shirts for women too. That’s right in every single design, every single piece of art created from inspiration from the great man there is always a tailored women’s choice. Surely this has to be the way forward, he could see that 30 years ago but unfortunately the retailers (us aside of course) still care more about profit and margin than they do about you and they stack them high sell them in bulk dream simply looks like a dinosaur to us in the modern era.

We hope that is how you feel and if it is then we really hope you choose us for your Frank Zappa women’s t-shirt needs.


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