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Gamma Ray T Shirts at T Shirt Subway

So the age of power metal came upon us in a flash with the unstoppable Kai Hansen. Soon after his departure from the infamous Helloween the man from Hamburg went on to create the amazing Gamma Ray for us to enjoy and we haven’t looked back. Some may refer to him as the Godfather of Power Metal but we just like to refer to him as the leading figure in two of the greatest metal bands of all time. Ladies and gentlemen this is a tribute to all that is Kai Hansen and Gamma Ray and these friends are the Gamma Ray t-shirts collection.

Fans of the band certainly have something to look forward to in the near future with their latest album due for release entitled Empire of the Undead and it has promised to be more ‘thrashy’ than the recent experimental sounds of the past two decades and hence why fans of the band are heralding a potential return to something more akin to what the band and Hansen made themselves famous for. No doubt with a new album, new ideas will bring a whole host of new Gamma Ray t shirts to enjoy and we can’t wait to see what comes next.


Gamma Ray Love and Ideas for T Shirts

We know that the most important person in this process of t-shirt making is you the fans so we’d like to throw out an idea that perhaps you could tell us what ideas you have for Gamma Ray t-shirts and contact us direct. There’s an option to do that on the website and it could be a lyric you like or an idea and you don’t have to be an artist you could describe what you thought would be great and we can see if we can deliver.

All you have to be is a lover of power metal, Gamma Ray and t shirts and you can send your idea to us.