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Goo Goo Dolls T Shirts

Fans of the Goo Goo Dolls often come from varying backgrounds as the band wasn’t always as successful as it today, which of course is the case for almost every band however you have to say that these guys really did pay their dues before achieving success. The first real scent of mainstream success seem to come quickly after a Boy Named Goo was released as fans flooded to the shops to get the album and took to the streets in their Goo Goo Dolls t-shirts which pleased us.

Since their success it is quite nice to see that the band are quite active in their charitable work and support several foundations including VH1’s save the Music with John Rzeznik being a major contributor and Robby Takac founding the Music Is Art Foundation himself. I suppose with great success comes great opportunity to give something back but in the selfish world we live in today selflessness is always something to be admired.

Hope you will see some of the incredible Goo Goo Dolls t-shirts on offer as art to. Perhaps we should look for art in everything we do because that’s what gives it meaning and passion. I couldn’t imagine the song Iris being able to be written without a massive helping of talent, passion and desire coupled with art to create what is an almost near perfect pop song.

The band themselves particularly Rzeznik have a large fan base that covers both the male rock fans and the female and you have to say in art due to his brooding charisma in videos and on stage. They carry with them an aura that sets them apart visually as well as musically and they seem to be on a non-stop road to success helping others up along the way showing the ladder to success doesn’t have to be trodden at the expense of others

Magnetic and What’s Next To Come

With the release of the bands’ latest album Magnetic it has simply whetted our appetite for more from the guys and it has taken so long for their last album we hope it isn’t too long before they throw something new up for us to enjoy and we know we’re not alone in thinking that.

With the band currently touring we strongly urge anybody who hasn’t yet to not only grab a tee but go see the guys live. It’s hard to describe the impact hearing the guys live and in front of you has. Everything you ever felt about their music goes into overdrive and it sparks such an intense feeling you can’t begin to describe.

We’ve seen people singing, dancing, strumming their air guitars and even crying at their performances as they take you on a roller coaster that few bands can do. Such a wealth of talent, such a huge body of work to enjoy that you have to say they perform up to that high standard and have to be one of the bands to watch live of any generation.


Why not check out where they're touring now and get all the latest up to date information at their offical website