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Good Charlotte T Shirts

Good Charlotte has been away for far too long now and their memory whilst not fading is giving us little comfort as we never know quite what will lie ahead. Is there ever going to be a 6th studio album to come from the guys? If there isn’t then we will have to sit back and enjoy what we’ve got and continue to listen to their CD’s, downloads and if we’re lucky enough maybe some Good Charlotte t-shirts to match?

Fans of the band vary in age and style though as they’ve undergone quite a few changes in their musical direction. The original fans will probably always be closely linked to the punk style they burst out with but with numbers that have a little more dance in them to the songs from the heart that embodied Cardiology there’s a cross section of music fans who want to see them return.

It was nice to see Joel Madden saying a while back they were itchy to perhaps do something in future and that they were more than just a band and Good Charlotte will always remain together in some way shape or form but some new material wouldn’t go amiss if only to see when new direction they will take. However he has added that they won’t do anything until they really feel they can give something so it will just be a case of crossing our fingers and hoping.

Still we’ve got our Good Charlotte t-shirts and we hope you have too but if not it’s never too late to see what’s in store. No matter if the memories of them touring with Forever the Sickest Kids in 2012 are stuck firmly in your mind and you want a belated souvenir or if you just want to bring a little of your youth and nostalgia back from them past and straight into your wardrobe then we have something for you.

International Delivery on all Good Charlotte T-shirts and Women’s Good Charlotte T-shirts


Have you ever come across a website that just frustrated the hell out of you? Perhaps your favourite band doesn’t do things in your size or deliver to your country or you are simply forced to put up with every single thing being unisex and not tailored to your needs. If that’s the case you’re probably not alone judging by the feedback here.

That’s why we offer International delivery on all our t-shirts here and that is why we offer a woman’s Good Charlotte t-shirt option for every man’s in a range of styles from small to XXL. You can’t say fairer than that we think because we’re simply fed up of people not having the choice they deserve.

You’re the fans, you’re the reason music even exists because without you nothing would be possible so isn’t it about time you were actually treated right and your faith valued? We think and we really hope you do to.