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Hellhammer T Shirts

What has Switzerland given the world? Great timekeeping and watches, wonderful cheese, banks with air tight security and possibly one of the most important metal bands of recent times Hellhammer. Some will recognise that they provided a path into metal for Celtic Frost donating two members of the band but primarily they are known for being the home and Tom and Steve Warrior who created the beginnings of death metal and played a massive part of the growing influence of black metal and this is the Hellhammer t shirts collection.

Fans of the band lay split, indeed Tom Warrior himself talked about how despite Hellhammer’s success being part of the reason he formed Celtic Frost to aspire to new goals he felt like the success of Hellhammer stepped in his path as he described ‘like big rocks’ and that can easily happen. In fact the band received plenty of criticism in its early days and his feud with another member was attributed to Frost not being able to play in England. However their early work still has a plethora of fans as they understand what great things they achieved and what great music they made and how the pioneered a new wave of metal music and this is why Hellhammer t-shirts are so popular to this day.

What Inspired Hellhammer and What legacy did They Leave

The band was inspired musically by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with Venom, Black Sabbath and Motorhead featuring in their musical influences. The band however created their own sound very quickly and was attributed to have one of the heaviest and most extreme sounds of their time. It didn’t go unnoticed by bands that followed them as they tried to emulate the character they produced.

Bands that followed started to create sounds such as doom and thrash metal to get the intensity of Hellhamer and to this day their songs have been covered by subsequent acts such as Napalm Death and Sepultura and for this we pay tribute in our Hellhammer t shirts.