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INXS T Shirts

The INXS T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway


Hopefully you will find this the greatest INXS t-shirts collection you have ever seen and if you do please share with your friends. We absolutely love INXS and always feel like the tradgedy that came with Michael's death somehow left the band with unfinsihed business.


You see plenty of bands these days touring and reforming and what these lads gave the world was incredible. For the team here our teen years were spent listening to the band becase it was so different they could be slow and powerful with souns like Never Tear Us Apart.


A few of us went to Prague where that video was shot and it's exactly the same as it looks on the video. We remember dancing and jumping aroudn to I Need You Tonight and Suicide Blonde.


Whilst non of us had the charisma of a Michael Hutchence or the talent of the Farriss boys we had the chance to live that rock and roll lifestyle through the band be it all in our heads.


We have a wide variety of men's and womens INXS t-shirts to choose from so if like us you live for rock and love the band then feel free to take a look at any time.