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Immortal T Shirts

What do you do if you feel isolated in the Norwegian town of Bergen? You could complain, seek new pastures, live devoid of any feeling and just numb yourself with any number of things or you could create a magical and fictional world called Blashyrkh. A realm that essentially is a battlefield between the forces of good and those demonic, a realm that tries relentlessly not to tear itself apart to the most imaginative backdrops of mountains, cold winters and huge dark forests and you could make music about them and form a band called Immortal and you could end up with armies of fans searching for Immortal t shirts.

That is what came about when Olve Eikemo and Harald Naevdal found themselves in this position and later they named themselves Abbath Doom Occulta and Demonaz Doom Occulta and later joined by Horgh and the rest as they say is history. However it is a history rich in the tapestry black metal and one that still has live in it today hence the desire for fans to flock here to search for their favourite Immortal t-shirts.

The Success of Immortal and the Legacy they leave Today

There most beloved albums remain two of their earliest in At the Heart of Winter and Sons of the Northern Darkness and despite some fans believing they have never been able to live up to what are two classic black metal albums the band only a few years ago returned to their homeland and started to bring their music back together. They certainly did and after playing some live shows returned to the studio to record the album All Shall Fall.

It was Abbath who let slip they had reformed and let slip that they were back in the studio describing Immortal as a ‘timeless frost’ but little has been heard since their last album. We can only hope that they have more to come and more music to make for us to enjoy and when they do you can be sure they once touring there will be a whole host of new Immortal t shirts to choose from.