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In Flames T Shirts

The story of In Flames is really one of beauty. Well I say In Flames but in reality I mean that of the birth of melodic death metal. Picture it there are three friends from Gothenburg who all share the same musical interests. Each one a fan of the melodic guitar style that you associate with the likes of Iron Maiden but they wanted to combine that with something much harder and much darker at the same time and they all follow that same path yet split in three different ways. They each separate to form In Flames, Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates. Melodic Death metal is born, In Flames is born and now here you are at our In Flames t-shirts collection.

It was a young man by the name of Jesper Stromblad who set out to make In Flames a combination of brutal death metal sounds but also combine that with the melody of something more epic like The Irons. For much of the early part of their music you could identify In Flames by their harmonized guitar melodies and rasping growling vocals combined. Whilst they enjoyed a lot of early success because of such guitar requirements and only two guitarists they struggled to reproduce the same effect in live shows. However they changed but their sound remained unique and fans of metal everywhere understand their importance and that’s why there are so many In Flames t shirts around today still.

After the Jester Race and Whoracle and Fans Division

The Jester Race and Whoracle represent to some the pinnacle of their powers but to others opinion is divided. They tackled major themes such as mankind, astrology and worldly issues but later their music was to become somewhat more personal and much more in tune with their own experience. Some fans preferred one, others another and for very different reasons but it was their change in musical style that split the fans even more.

You can still see to this day just how many In Flames t-shirts are sold on a weekly basis and to a whole host of different countries and that points to a massive worldwide fan base but there was a big shift in styles that split fans. Vocally they used screaming and clean vocals more as opposed to death growls and their sound had more alternative with use of electronics and rhythms rather than blasting solos and melodies and of course a different direction will always please some but not others.

Their legacy lasts on though as bands that have followed such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Trivium have all said their sound inspired and influenced their music but in their own right In Flames remain popular to this day.