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Indiana Jones T Shirts

What is it about Indiana Jones that gets fans so excited? I mean originally thinking of an idea of a professor of archaeology who doubles as a swashbuckling explorer searching the globe for powerful artefacts and secrets seems almost children’s book like in its explanation and perhaps it is. It’s one of the few action movies to have real humour involved in an engrossing tale and seemingly without effort. It doesn’t hide the fact the premise is a bit ‘farfetched’ and even makes fun of it but with Harrison Ford’s charm, fedora, bullwhip and leather jacket it is a far cry from the tweed suits of his day job. That’s why Indiana Jones is so well loved and why so many love Indiana Jones t-shirts and even ‘Indy’ games.

He’s not a superhero. He’s barely a hero until he needs to be and quite often would like to avoid situations where he needs to display courage of bravery and don’t forget his quite human fears of snakes and rats. He’s an everyday hero played with charm and humour and he’s not trying to compete with other heroes in any ways he’s just trying to get his job done. I remember the first time I ever came across Indiana Jones t-shirts and it was at the themed show in Florida and I had no idea of the mass appeal but it was a terrific spectacle.

Indiana Jones Past, Present and Future

I think my first real memory was watching ‘Indy’ with my father and it was the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Now that was a journey to go on as a youngster as it was such a fantastical tale of fiction with so many great scenes but with each one played out beautifully to a dramatic of comic conclusion.  Since then there have been plenty of follow up films with Temple of Doom. Holy Grail and of course the Crystal Skull and each one has its own merits but seeing what the future holds is a bit of a mystery. I’d hope what George Lucas created all those years ago could live on in a new form and of course that we can continue to develop our Indiana Jones t-shirts collection even further.

Unfortunately that is not down to me or the fans but if we keep our interest in ‘Indy’ and keep our love and support for him alive you never know we could see a whole new generation of Indiana Jones movies to be made and a whole new set of fans to love and carry on this tradition.