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Kid Rock T Shirts

Kid Rock to some may be known as the guy who dated Pamela Anderson other than the million others but those are the people who don’t know rock music. Despite the fact he was born Robert James Ritchie and started life as a rapper Kid Rock went on to become one of the biggest rock and even country artists in the world at one time. He’s won five Grammy Award nominations and sold almost 30 million albums worldwide so our Kid Rock t-shirts better kick ass or he may kick ours.

Most famously known for his greatest album to date Devil Without A Cause but that album was a far cry from the rap and hip hop roots he found himself nurtured on in Detroit, Michigan. It was probably after signing a record deal with Atlantic Records that his music started to take a slightly different direction.

The rap-rock generation was born and it’s a natural thing for genres to cross in music it’s happened since music started and this is where he found his real success. The hits started to come and Bawitdaba, Cowboy and God Only Knows Why and the full force of the Devil was felt and we started to think about creating some bad ass Kid Rock t shirts to go with this new found success. It was perhaps the bad boy image with a fused sound that made him stand out but he sung and performed with an attitude unmatched by rival acts.

It wasn’t until Cocky that you really felt his country, blues style influence. He had previously released the History of Rock with reworked songs from previous albums and the incredible smash hit American Bad Ass but cocky is where he changed direction one again. The song ‘picture’ made him stand out and he’d smartly aligned himself with country superstar Sheryl Crow and it made it his biggest hit to date.

Although his follow up Live Trucker didn’t match to expectations he was straight back into the studio for Rock and Roll Jesus which gave us the incredible All Summer Long, a tribute to the American Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Sweet Home Alabama and went to number  one across eight different countries.

Kid Rock and the Fans That Follow Him Everywhere

Kid Rock has played out to some of the biggest audience in rock music. The charisma and attitude that come with such a performance it attracts those music fans that like to live on the edge. They’re usually lively affairs with a hell of a party going on and you can see Kid rock t-shirts the whole way around as you look over to hot girls and guys seemingly willing to leave their problems at home for at least one day and just party.

We’re not sure what makes his fans so special, so boisterous, perhaps it’s his own ability to carry himself looking like he’s either ready to break open a bottle of Jack Daniels and start the ball rolling or potentially kick your in the privates if you look at him the wrong way but it is a potent mix that make for some of the best live performances you’ve ever seem.

Quite often the party continues long after the concert and his fans can be singing and swaying their way around the globe until the early hours of the morning and the one thing you can guarantee is that if he turns up at a festival then the rest better be ready.


Now you've had your fill of Kid Rock history and you've seen the best collection of Kid Rock t shirts anywhere in the world why not visit his official website for all the latest information http://www.kidrock.com/