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Lamb of God T Shirts

Lamb of God have set themselves aside from the rest as possibly one of the most interesting and intriguing bands in music right now. Never ones to be afraid to voice their opinions politically or more often about the human race in general and flawed personalities there are often several layers to unravel in many of their songs. We think it’s this depth that really allows them to connect with their fans so deeply and perhaps why Lamb of God t shirts grow more and more popular every day.

As with all bands there is often a need to try and identify them in one perspective or another by placing them into a certain genre of music and it never really accounts for any bands fluidity to change. Some have described the band as groove metal and their early work as thrash metal whilst others have often suggested that they are a punk band that play heavy metal and there is definitely a rebellion and a need to question to the world society and ourselves in their work that sits neatly with punk ideals but there sounds are far apart from punk roots. When you see a fan wearing a Lamb of God t shirt though they do have that sense of pride that for standing for something even without an identifiable message it feels like they’re anti whatever is going wrong now as a stance.

What to Expect from Lamb of God in 2014 and Beyond

John Campbell said live on air that the band planned to record an eighth studio album in 2014 and the album would be concluded by the end of that same year and with it fast approaching it could be an exciting time for Lamb of God fans. There has been little more than that given away so far and from the evolution of the band and their sound so far we wouldn’t be surprised to be surprised if you understand what we mean by what they serve up to their fans in the coming months.

For a band this determined to explore hypocrisy and new paths musically it difficult to predict what will come out but what we do know is that it will be exciting it will have depth and it will mean a whole host of new Lamb of God t shirts for you to enjoy.