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Linkin Park T Shirts

Is there a more impressive modern day debut album than Hybrid Theory? When your first album goes Diamond then you’re instantly headed for International fame and that is what happened. They rolled straight on from their multi platinum success across the globe with an incredible offering in the hugely celebrated Meteora.

It’s a success story almost unparalleled in the modern age for a nu-metal band and it didn’t stop there. It still isn’t uncommon to see somebody thrashing around to a great track with their Linkin Park t-shirt on and the volume turned all the way up to 11. That was their rich appeal though it was rap metal and it was deep and enthralling and whilst it didn’t sound like a Maiden track it was layered in the same way with level after level seamlessly flowing over each other.

They remained current and edgy but somehow radio friendly where a new generation of fans were ready for exactly this type of sound. By the time their Third album Minutes to Midnight hit they were ready to experiment they’d had success and now it was time to explore and that is exactly what they did musically trying a variety of different sounds and each one creating something new.

Hopefully our Linkin Park t shirts do the same and throw together a variety of art, design and tee shirt choices that all the fans can enjoy. Living Things gave us something new to listen to and hopefully we’re giving you something new to look at and wear and we can’t wait to see what comes next from the band. There could be good times ahead for all if they continue to evolve.

Linkin Park Going Old School for the Fans

The future looks bright for the band but after commercial success the rumours are they want to get back to what they do best recording great songs and doing great tours and of course that will mean a whole host of new Linkin Park t shirts to come. Hopefully we can forward something Chester Bennington himself would be proud of.

What we can say is in the meantime there are plenty f really cool updates from the official website. It may not always be Park related but it’s always an interesting read and usually some pretty cool videos so once you’ve finished looking at the tee’s we suggest you head on over there by the link at the bottom of the page and hopefully we will see you all at a concert coming soon.