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Little Feat T Shirts

Nobody can accuse Little Feat of being predictable. At first glance they had all the signs and hallmarks of being a popular Southern blues band. When you’re led by Lowell George though you were never going to be using just one style of music though, the world eclectic is a term we often reserve for music and musicians but this is certainly true of a band that could play rock and roll, country and blues in equal measure and with exceptionally gifted musical skills.

Now we won’t pretend we can capture or match up to those skills in our Little Feat t-shirts however we’re hoping we can add to the mix and throw a little something extra in to help you fully enjoy their talent. They’re still fans favourites now and it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why apart from the great music. They didn’t often deliver smooth songs that automatically made sense at times they were a paradox and almost surreal in their music and you will see that in the Little Feat t-shirts we have.

Great music isn’t always meant to make sense but there did seem to be two periods that identified the band which were the critically and cult period before George’s death and the one that followed.

After Lovell George’s Death and Reformation

After the death of their leading member the band broke up to form again later in the 1980’s. After this point it is claimed their skills were as good as ever particularly in their live performances and ever popular tours but some would say their music lost its edge and direction after this point.  

It could have been George’s death but you also have to remember that 10 years is a long time to be out of music. What is innovative and fresh and talked about in the late 70’s is very different to the late 80’s and the band is 10 years older. Few are able to maintain standards of innovation after not working together for almost a decade.

What perhaps was born from Zappa and the Mothers of Invention with George and Estrada may always remain popular and still relevant today it is their impact on the world of music and their need to cross musical genres that should take pride of place in our memory. Not many bands continue to produce new material over decades worthy of critical acclaim because innovation in music should always be taken up by the next generation and that’s best.

But that said we remain massive fans of Little Feat and what they have done and anybody lucky enough to see them live will still hold those memories close to their heats and hopefully their chests too with what we believe are the greatest collection of Little Feat t-shirts on the planet.