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Macklemore T Shirts

Macklemore has been a name most people knew across the Atlantic in the US but it’s incredible to think in Europe few of us had heard of him before Thrift Shop became an instant hit on its release. Few songs have hit such a nerve on hearing them like that did you just couldn’t help but smile and he eased his way through each rhyme and got you up dancing and singing along to that now anthem and you can’t move in the UK now without seeing a pair of velcros or a Macklemore t-shirt wandering down the street.

That’s where we come in and we won’t pretend to have followed him and Ryan Lewis from day one but plenty of us are heading off to the Manchester Apollo to see him perform live (watch out for our concert review coming soon) and as bunch of white British guys it’s quite nice to identify with another rapper other than Eminem. We’re not shy in admitting few of us dance well or walk cool and even fewer rap well but this guy has lit up the scene over here and we want to see what all the fuss is about live and hopefully there will be a few Macklemore t-shirts on show from our very own website.

Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Thrift Shop and performing Live

So we may have a few Macklemore t-shirts for you to enjoy but what’s more incredible is thrift shop fashion which is unheard here in the UK is now something talked about. Those ‘big ass’ coats can be spotted a bit more frequently and there’s even talk of people throwing Macklemore parties replacing pimps as the fashion accessory to go by and that can’t be a bad thing surely less pimps on the street is good for us all.

Personally I liked can’t Hold Us just as much but whilst it charted high it never seemed to have the cult following Thrift Shop did but then again in the last decade few songs ever have had that. It’s amazing when a song simply captures the imagination of not just a nation but a global fan base and when we see him perform live with Ryan Lewis we will let you know what we think personally. Though given his vocal ability the amazing quality of the songs and the fact he’s a bit of a character I can’t imagine there will be much to complain about.