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Mayhem T Shirts

Mayhem T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway.

Mayhem was the pioneering Norwegian black metal outfit that have highly influenced their music genre since forming in 1984 Oslo.

The band have been highly controversial since the start for several reasons, mainly their violent stage performances, the 1991 suicide of vocalist Per Yngve Ohlin and the murder in 1993 of guitarist Øystein Aarseth by former member Varg Vikernes. Furthermore, performances and a highly influential demo and EP that was released, amassed a loyal following which rose attention to ties to a string of Norwegian church burnings and violence.

They split up after Aarseth's murder just prior to the debut album "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" being released. It was regarded as a classic in black metal circles, and two years later they reformed with original members Jan Axel Blomberg, Jørn Stubberud and Sven Erik Kristiansen being joined by Rune Eriksen who replaced Aarseth. Since then Kristiansen and Eriksen have been replaced by Attila Csihar and Krister Dreyer.

Fans effectionately have referred to the members as "Hellhammer" (Jan Axel Blomberg), "Necrobutcher" (Jørn Stubberud), "Maniac" (Sven Erik Kristiansen), "Dead" (Per Yngve Ohlin), "Euronymous" (Øystein Aarseth), "Blasphemer" (Rune Eriksen),  "Morfeus" (Krister Dreyer) and the formerly known "Count Grishnackh" (Varg Vikernes).