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Misfits T Shirt and T Shirts

The Misfits T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway


Horror themed punk rockers or horror punk whatever you want to call them the Misfits from Lodi New Jersey are now a cultural icon. Originally led by singer songwriter Glenn Danzig, along with bass guitarist Jerry Only who joined very shortly after the band was formed, were the only consistent members of the band throughout their turbulent years.


The name the Misfits spark images of anti social kids running wild, rejected youth but the name came from something a lot simpler. Danzig a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe took the bands name from her film ‘The Misfits’ which was to be her last film. The band was influenced early on by science fiction and horror movies along with B movies from the 1950’s.


Early Misfits stuff was often laden with melody and made use of Danzig’s vocal range with catchy choruses but by the time their final album came they had made a complete transition to hardcore punk with Danzig’s vocals hovering over thrashing guitars, drums and bass.


The iconic skull logo was taken from the television serial ‘The Crimson Ghost’ and the band found their current popularity for this new hard punk style with often ghoulish videos and on stage shows even capturing their own unique haircuts which are still copied to this day.


Albums Walk Among Us and American Psycho are still widely listened to today along with singles Last Caress, Astro Zombies, Dig Up Her Bones, Hybrid Moments and Skulls. We know the Misfits have a huge following and we also know Misfits have the coolest T Shirts around. So if your fans of their hardcore punk style or just their amazing T Shirts this is the place to be