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Motley Crue T shirts

Motley Crue T Shirtsat T Shirt Subway

Motley Crue, heavily tattooed, hellish womanisers with problems with drugs, alcohol and the law in plentiful supply. They began in Los Angeles California by Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee have sold over 80 million albums worldwide and given their problems it’s pretty incredible and possibly why we love this underdogs and can't get enough of our Motley Crue t shirts.

A mix of heavy metal and glam rock they produced several of the best selling albums of the 1980’s, Shouting at the Devil, Theatre of Pain and who can forget the unmistakable Girls Girls Girls, success was to turn to almost near tragedy when Nikki Sixx took a near fatal overdose of heroin. Pronounced dead his heart had stopped for 2 minutes but the medic, a Crue fan, refused to let him go giving him two shots of adrenaline to the heart and here at our Motley Crue t shirt appreciation department are glad they did.

This near death experience was the inspiration for the song Kickstart my Heart from the Dr Feelgood album. The band went on to release the Generation Swine album which although charting at number 4 was a commercial failure mainly due to a lack of backing from the band’s label Elektra, Motley Crue decided then to form their own label Motley Records and created the Red, White and Crue album. However you remember them they were awesome and their legacy lives on artists like, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, Moby, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot and Marilyn Manson all cite Motley Crue as being among their influences, live long and proud the Crue.

So tanks to Motley Crue and we hope you enjoy our Motley Crue inspired t shirts collection.