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Nirvana T Shirts

Looking for Nirvana T Shirts? We have some of the best designs available!

Nirvana, a bunch of drugged up fools who hit on a few good tunes or the band led by Kurt Cobain who changed the face of modern rock? The boys from Aberdeen, Washington spark as much controversy as the, is Obama really black debate? Well I’ll tell you what they are...genius. Absolute genius!

Now I’ll tell you why.One there is not another song on the planet that hits you as hard in the first few chords as smells like teen spirit! Bang there it is you know this is something new. Bleach came out and well didn’t blow us away but nevermind. The music on there is gold, pure gold and of course there are plenty of Nirvana t shirts to choose from now on the back of that.

Nirvana T-Shirts of All the Greatest Hits

You can’t listen to Lithium, Come as you are or In Bloom without feeling the presence of greatness. These tracks boom at. They hit the ears the mind the whole body and shake you till you come round. If you have any of these albums I have mentioned, we have all the Nirvana t shirts for that album!
Second Kurt Cobain, a musical visionary with sarcasm. Legends need to things talent and tragedy and he comes with both. Listening to his snarling lyrics after his untimely tragic death almost echoes like whispers from the grave it doesn’t feel like past but present. This wasn’t just music for dumb disillusioned kids it was music for me. Now we’re older it still hits hard but luckily I have my Nirvana t shirt to keep me warm when it does.

Number three the swan song, In Utero. Before Kurt’s suicide the final album he left us with one of Nirvana’s most amazing gifts. Heart shaped box, Pennroyal Tea, and Rape Me were all stunning songs but it’s really all apologies which crowns it all off.

Finally MTV’s best ever unplugged session and everybody working here with our Nirvana t shirts always refer back to this live set as being one of the best they've ever seen. Nobody could have seen coming after this session the suicide of Kurt Cobain less than 6 months later. It was a stunning performance and the cover of Bowie’s ‘The man who sold the world’ seems ever more tragic. Kurt’s troubled voice insisting ‘we never lost control’ just a few months before he finally did. Somehow makes the events almost unbelievable.

So if you believe their genius….play the music, watch the videos back. Learn the chords, pick up the guitar and put on your favourite Nirvana T Shirt and rock out with a smiley. I’m so happy…Cause today I found my friends, they’re in my head.

All of our Nirvana t shirts have been thoroughly researched to give you the coolest designs! If you would like to find out more information regarding the band visit their official website!