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Placebo T Shirts

The Placebo T Shirts Collection at T Shirt Subway.

Here at T Shirt Subway we wish to pay tribute to the amazing band Placebo by the only way we know how which is to create the biggest and best collection of non official Placebo t shirts. Placebo are the alternative rock band from London that were formed in 1994 by Brian Molko (vocals, guitar) and Stefan Olsdal (guitar, bass). They were soon joined by drummer Robert Schultzberg but after conflicts with Molko he left to be replaced by Steve Hewitt.

Despite Molko and Olsdal both attending the American International School of Luxembourg, they did not actually cross paths until Olsdal was on his way home from a guitar lesson and was spotted by Molko at a tube station. Molko's love for music led him to strike up a conversation when he noticed Olsdal's guitar, and he invited him to watch him perform at a local bar. Molko's performance impressed Olsdal so much that it inspired him to start a band with Molko and here at the Placebo t shirts collection we are so happy they did..

They are famous for their angst-fueled music and androgynous image, and shot to fame in the 90s with the single Nancy Boy.

In 2007 Hewitt left the band and was replaced by Steve Forrest soon after. They have released several studio albums and gone on to sell over 10 millions records worldwide.