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Prince T Shirt and T Shirts

Prince T Shirt and T Shirts at T Shirt Subway

Prince T Shirt

For many he was the most talented musician of his generation and one of the first real musical style icons. Prince long stood at the top of the tree in terms of music and that’s why Prince T shirts are as popular as ever. You could easily see a Hollywood actress wearing one of his t shirts or just a likely an ardent fan.

What’s clear is Prince romantically holds a place in the hearts of fans out there and the Prince T shirt is something of a badge of honour worn by those who liked their music in a time when you were free to express yourself. This wasn’t manufactured music it was pure Prince Style and we loved him for it.

The truth is even since he removed himself from the public eye our affection never wavered and you can show that today.

Prince T Shirts

Right here is where you will find the biggest and best range of Prince T shirts anywhere in the world. Given how his support and love is split between male and female fans it seems only right that we offer a women’s Prince T shirt alternative in every designs we make which makes us the only truly equal music t shirt store.

When you add to that we only use the highest quality t-shirt for our Prince collection then you’ll see this is the only place to be. Here’s a little guide to what’s hot here at T Shirt Subway

Purple Rain T Shirt

If you were ever in doubt which is the most important prince t shirt then don’t be it is by far the incredible Purple Rain t shirt. We’re not sure what it is about the song, the video but something touched the world’s hearts when this came out and the t shirt is nothing short of brilliant a definite must have for Prince T shirt fans.

Get Off T Shirt

This was one of the more funky songs by Prince and definitely one of his best t shirts. The brilliant Get Off t shirt is something of a collector’s item and something that would suit any wardrobe. One of the best music t shirts around and it’s ready for you.

Prince and the Revolution T Shirt

Quite possibly the most stylish Prince T shirts ever made the fantastic Prince and the Revolution t shirt has been one of our most popular for some time. There seems to be a trend of Prince parties springing up where people either dress as him or wear something symbolic and we’re not sure where this came from but we have to admit if we could we’d be there wearing one of these t shirts

More Music T Shirts to Look At

Along with the many other artists here Prince helps make up the world’s biggest music t shirts collection and you have them all at your fingertips right now. With just a lick of a button you could find the very biggest artists, the very best design and the coolest t shirt you will ever find. Here are a couple of them just as a sample of what you could find.

Michael Jackson T Shirts

Who doesn’t like the amazing music of Michael Jackson? Who doesn’t like Michael Jackson t shirts? The King of Pop left a musical legacy no other could ever dream of and he left a whole in the hearts of many fans. Possibly the greatest entertainer of all time and definitely one of the greatest musical talents Michael Jackson is there for people to enjoy be it through his music, his video or wearing a Michael Jackson t shirt

Madonna T Shirts

Like Prince Madonna was no stranger to a little controversy and they both used their sexuality to spice up their videos. If Prince lives up to his name then Madonna was the queen and she is still loved to this day. Madonna t shirts range from vintage to modern and with everything in between but one thing is certain a Madonna t shirt never goes out of fashion.