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Rush T shirts

We would like to pay tribute here at T shirt Subway to possibly the most talented group of musicians we've ever come across with our Rush t shirts collection. All of our Rush t shirts are non official but we hope enhance your pleasure of celebrating the band.

Rush are one of the most heralded bands over the last four decades, the Canadian trio famous for their own brand of power rock have largely been dismissed by critics and receive little time on the radio waves but have developed a respect amongst the musical community as well as a following of devoted fans worldwide. They always give incredible live performances and are considered amongst musicians as at the pinnacle of musicianship.

Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 1968 they originally were made up of guitarist Alex Lifeson vocals and bass playing Geddy Lee and drummer John Rutsey. They displayed their skills on the Toronto music circuit before releasing their debut single, a version of ‘Not Fade Away’ by Buddy Holly. In 1973 their first album was released the self titled Rush at which time Rutsey left and he was quickly replaced by drummer Neil Peart who became the band’s primary songwriter. He quickly became influential in the music with his mix of fictional science lyrics outright fantasy imagination he became the hallmark sound to which the band was to be known and here at Rush t shirts we are delighted to have been blessed by being able to enjoy such talent.

The Rush Return and a New Set of Rush T shirts To Enjoy

Rush returned in 1975 with Fly by Night and Caress of Steel but it was their next release 2112 that proved to be their breakthrough album. The futuristic concept perfectly blended the three members sounds, the high vocals, Peart’s epic composition and arrangement and critics panned it as pretentious by fans loved it.

They were now building a huge following on both sides of the Atlantic, Canada, USA and UK were fast becoming Rush fans and as soon Hemispheres and even more so Permanent Waves were released they were cemented on rock folk lore. Hits like the Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer followed but it was in the 1980 are the truly exploded. Signals and Grace Under Pressure the first giving us the smash hit New World Order continued to sell throughout the decade.

Towards the end of the decade the band hit tough times as Peart lost his daughter to an automobile accident and then lost his wife to cancer. The band worked on but didn’t release anything for a further 5 years. Still touring now and recording the band have cult, legendary status as one of the greatest rock bands ever to grace the industry and one of our favourite bands which meant creating our Rush t shirts collection was nothing but a pleasure.

Women's Rush T-shirt, T-shirts and Tee Shirts

We have read the lifeline of the band but now for the T-shirts, we have the single biggest collection of Rush T-shirts in the world. From the band’s logo t-shirt, to new Rush T-shirt, classic, Vintage, 2112 T-shirt or the famous Permanent Shockwaves T-shirt there is something here for everybody. Every single one of our designs come in both men’s and women’s T-shirt options as well as sizes ranging from small to XXL T-shirts.