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Sonic Youth T shirts

So you have finally found your way to the world's greatest non official Sonic Youth t shirts? Well good for you they may not be official but we are sure they will enhance your love for what is one of the most important bands in music. Sonic Youth were a success story nobody could see coming in American rock, whilst R.E.M and other counterparts formed conventional sounds with structures and melodies, Sonic Youth influenced by the Velvet Underground and the Stooges and such preferred a more free experimentation of rock sound. The guys, and gal, from New York redefined the meaning of rock n roll in the 1980’s. Almost free of rock itself their influence was heavily on post punk and hardcore punk elements and began to create a new sound that indie groups in the 90’s in the UK and Us would follow on from.

The band quickly became a cult hero band, fans all over the world dedicated to the different and they were a global success though little of that could have been predicted when Thurston Moore, Lee Ranaldo formed Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon. Moore and Ranaldo both arrived in Manhattan during the New York post punk era and performed with avant-garde composer Glenn Branca, who heavily influenced Sonic Youth’s early music and we hope we've taken a little of that approach and shown it in our Sonic Youth t shirts.

It was 1984 before Moore tried to get the band signed to British indie label Doublevision, but they were rejected. Paul Smith one of the owners of Doublevision was however impressed enough to form his own label Blast First in order to sign Sonic Youth and release their records. A distribution deal with Rough Trade and the band was now well on its way. Bad Moon Rising was released and received good reviews from critics within the UK.  Bad Moon Rising got enough attention throughout American underground circles that the band received offers from some major labels. The band turned down these overtures to sign with SST and released Evol in 1996. They became a fixture on mainstream college radio and this acclaim grew when sister was released in87. Their profile expanded even more with the release of Ciccone Youth side project The Whitey Album which was a tongue in cheek album, making light of the pop circuit and artists such as Madonna.

Major Breakthrough and Mainstream Success For Sonic Youth

The real catapult to stardom though was Daydream Nation, a masterpiece of an album, the album was praised from all corners and gave us the hit ‘Teenage Riot’ and although the band were enjoying huge success at times there were no stock of the album to sell as Enigma went bankrupt and distribution faltered. It was at this point the band decided to go to a major label and here in the Sonic Youth t shirts section we are very glad they did.

They signed a contract to give them complete creative control; they kept their credibility and creative licence intact which was a breakthrough for indie artists at that time. Goo was released and it was their first album to crack the Billboard Top 100. Neil Young invited Sonic Youth to tour with him and whilst they didn’t capture much of his audience again it was a breakthrough for an alternative act to be so accepted in mainstream circles, also helping to make Neil Young a hero in indie rock circles.

Next came Dirty, the sound shifted a little too where Nirvana and Mudhoney were working, and whilst their songs were hardly grunge they were certainly more accessible than earlier tracks. Produced by Butch Vig who also produced Nevermind for Nirvana Dirty was an instant hit. 100%, Youth against Fascism and Sugar Kane reigned out over the airwaves and Sonic Youth were lauded as one of the fore fathers of alternative rock and had become one of the most popular bands in the world. The rest they say is history but you can conjure up that history any time with some great songs and of course a wonderful Sonic Youth t shirt to adore as well.

Sonic Youth T-shirts Avalable Worldwide

Sonic Youth being one of the biggest cult bands to ever live still have one of the most passionate and amazing followings and that’s why here at T Shirt Subway we have strived to create the biggest and best Sonic Youth T-shirt Collection ever made. You’ll find every Sonic Youth T-shirt, Tee or Shirt you could ever imagine and then some so get browsing and see which one is for you.

Women’s Sonic Youth T-shirts Available

We believe in equality here at T Shirt Subway that’s why every single one of our designs has a specifically tailored women’s option. From unique colours to, classic fitted women’s t-shirt styles and the exclusive to T Shirt Subway women’s Sonic Youth T-shirt tunics.