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Take That T Shirt and T Shirts

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Take That are once again whole again Robbie has rejoined Mark, Gary, Jason and Howard and the world is right again. Take That where the most popular teen sensation since The Beatles. They ruled the UK charts lording over every single other act that desperately tried to challenge. In commercial terms the band sold more records and albums than any other artist in almost 5 decades.

Originally brought together as the British version of New Kids on the Block, they walked the same path with a rather wet and wimpy version of RnB and Soul efforts until they found their place, their calling Hi impact hi energy dance music that sent women fans and a fair amount of male counterparts wild.

Boyish good looks, hard bodies and at times almost a homosexual undertone to promotional videos and shoots their status became legendary amongst ‘teenyboppers’ all over the UK. Many fans will be reading this and screaming ‘No’ but these humble beginnings are exactly what the band started out as before turning into the band we all remember and love. Little had the record companies known the charisma of Robbie and the song writing of Gary Barlow would make such a potent mix.

The band was growing developing, soon melodic beautiful ballads were being created and performed brilliantly, their live shows spectacular and inroads were quickly made into the adult audience in the UK, the more music than image drive portion of the market and for almost 5 years they conquered the charts with consummate ease.

By the mid 90’s though the boys will dreams became disenchanted with each other particularly a Mr Robbie Williams. They band began to feel the friction and a musical shift was also being felt within the UK, the Britpop era was upon us with Blur and Oasis battling it out taking indie rock to the mainstream pop audience. Sales and cultural importance shifted and Oasis became the superpower of UK music and the band split not long after Robbie’s Departure.

Luckily the story didn’t end there after years in the wilderness Take That reformed without Robbie and went on a string of sell out tours and released a hit album with songs like ‘Shine’ standing good stead within musical play lists.


The fans of old who loved Back for Good, Everything Changes and the classics have now been joined by a new breed and as if things couldn’t get and better Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams have patched up their differences and Take That are whole again, praise the lord. With a new tour and new albums out soon take that fans will be delirious and making plans for live show buying albums and of course T-shirts and we hope you like ours


Take That T-shirt, T Shirts and Tee Shirts


We have everything a Take That fan could want with a range of men’s and women’s Take That t-shirts in all sizes and style, including, small, xxl, long sleeve and women’s extra long tunic to choose from.


Robbie Williams T-shirt, T Shirts and Tee Shirts


We couldn’t have a take that section without a Robbie Williams T-shirt collection. So closely linked are the artists and the band that we put them together forever so you can find more easily all your Robbie T-shirt, T Shirts and Tee Shirts in one place