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Taken Film and Movie T Shirts

Taken was created as a cool one off film by Luc Besson charting the story of ex CIA agent Bryan Mills who is trying to rescue his daughter who has been kidnapped in Paris. So successful was the first instalment that now Taken will be turned into a trilogy of films with Taken 3now in production. It wasn’t a film massively promoted but so simple and so enthralling was the storyline that word of mouth made this picture a success and it’s that support that means we have created this Taken t-shirts collection.

It’s rare a film becomes a cult classic but it’s not hard to see why this one did. The story is absolutely pure. An over protective father Liam Neeson is convinced by his daughter and wife that he should allow his little girl on holiday. His experiences in the CIA have taught him the world is a frightening and dangerous place. However in an effort not to stifle her she’s allowed to go and the unthinkable happens she’s kidnapped but a brutal criminal gang ready to force her into the sex trade and make her a drug addict. There is one scene in particular that sticks in people’s minds it’s the cold, calculated way he helps his daughter as she calls him by telling her she will be taken and a memorable conversation between Bryan and the abductor sticks in the mind. This is definitely the basis for one of the best Taken t shirts you have ever seen because it’s such a great line.

The pace of the movie is frantic because you could imagine it’s the ultimate nightmare for a father to hear his daughter taken by criminals but then when he uses his contacts in the secret service he’s told that he has a 72 hour window to never seeing her again. That simply sets this film alive a simple, brilliant story but one set against the clock and criminals and he has to battle his way through to finding her

Taken 3 and What to Expect and More Taken T shirts To Come

Most here will know the Taken 2 plot where the criminals of the family killed by Neeson in the first film kidnap his wife in the second and he faces a test to save his daughter and his wife as well as himself. Now between the two films everybody close to mills has been taken so it now remains to be seen which way the final chapter will go. In the first he was driven by an intense desperation albeit it in a controlled manner to retrieve his daughter safe and sound.

By the second chapter at the finish of the film he looked somewhat weary and fed up of a life of violence he now feels should be over and should be put to bed. It seems clear that the final chapter will see him strive to rebuild those family ties of course until somebody threatens it but it may be that he strives hard to avoid killing but has to do everything in his power to keep them safe be it from criminals or more likely something government related and internal. What is clear is that there will be a third film and when it happens there will be a whole new set of Taken t-shirts to enjoy.