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The Black Keys T Shirts

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The Black Keys

From their meek beginnings in Akron, Ohio something special started to grow, at first it was a movement in the underground but The Black keys were slowly forging a reputation for life performances.

A series of gigs that gave them a title as one of the hardest working duo’s in music they also produced an amazing collective body or work that made them popular. From college drop outs to live set specialists their rise wasn’t quick but it was certainly well deserved.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney to give them their real names met at Firestone High School and soon became friends. Auerback was learning guitar and Carney had a drum set and essentially that’s how simple it was to bring them together and jam.

Originally they were part of a band rather than a duo but whilst attempting to perform a gig the rest of the band didn’t turn up and they went out as a duo. Knowing the need for a demo was strong they started to try and gain access to a studio from several small and indie labels and Alive were the only ones to come back with an answer.

The name the Black keys is rumoured to be born after the episode’s with a schizophrenic named Alfred McMoore who would leave strange messages when upset regarding the black keys on a keyboard and piano such as D Flat.

The Big Come Up was the debut album and was recorded completely in Carney’s basement. It found some favour in small circles and resulted in their first gig and one song being used by the HBO series Hung.

The Thickfreakness Era was their second album and was also a basement made product. It produced three single releases Set Your Free, Hard Row and Have Love Will Travel which is a great achievement for the pair.

The third and fourth albums came quickly afterwards and the Live in Austin, TX and Magic Potion carried their name further with more singles released the band were now getting a good following of dedicated fans that would follow them for years to come.

The band’s fifth album became the biggest commercial breakthrough and Attack and Release spawned several hits and debuted at number 12 on the Billboard charts. The album produced by Danger Mouse had a single reach the Rolling Stones list of Top 100 songs of 2008 and singles featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Nascar 09 and the name of the Black Keys was spreading fast.

Another success and onto another project and the collaborative Blakroc saw the duo team up with several leading hip hop stars such as Mos Def and Ludacris. It was an album they boys confessed they’d dreamed of since young boys and it was a groundbreaking album that year simply for its diversity.

Since then Brothers and El Camino have done little to diminish their feverish popularity, two truly unique artists with a collective sound and an understated style that is more about their work than their image and that essentially is their image. Thoughtful and accessible their music continues to be popular with many different age groups and their popularity continues to grow.