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The Matrix film and Movie T Shirts

The Matrix was one of the movies that could well have changed your life. I remember clearly coming out of the cinema and wondering if anything I was looking at was real. That was the power of this movie. The concept was so brilliant and so unique and so ready to be told with the evolution of modern cinematography. In the very safe environment Hollywood now sits with very few films introducing new ideas it has to be said the Matrix was ambitious as it was brilliant and has such a following that it will remain one of the all time great science fiction movies and fans now flock to recreate scenes and characters and along with this comes a whole host of love for the Matrix and merchandise which of course includes The Matrix t shirts.

So why do people love this film so much? Firstly the concept that we’re all essentially plugged into a non real world created to keep us in some kind of prison is not only unique but it’s incredibly hard to disprove. Even now writing in our Matrix t-shirts section how would I know what is real and what isn’t? If I were in The Matrix how could I ever tell when in essence reality in my terms is just electrical signal my brain translates. It’s a shocker to us all and one that we can’t escape. When you add on top of that the growing generation of technological advanced young men and women to see the two central male and female heroic characters as both being hackers relates to the lives they lead now.

It’s also incredibly in depth in the world and realms of science fiction with relative parts seemingly in the present but also the future. The artificial intelligence had gone wrong but there was certain culpability for humans in that we created this A.I and then tried to destroy it forcing it to defend itself. Likening the human race to a virus it points to our flaws but also a resilience and the main character is often called ‘The One’ somebody chosen by fate in an almost religious sense and all for a cause bigger than any one person. Those are just a few reasons why The Matrix is so iconic and why we still provide dozens of Matrix t-shirts on a weekly basis.

The Hidden Beauty of The Matrix and It’s Meaning

One of the things I found so strange about, so intriguing about The Matrix wasn’t even evident the first time I watched the film. So striking was the story, so amazing were the effects that I almost missed some of the most important parts of the film. I even bought my very first Matrix t shirt without even paying attention to some of the most amazing mental imagery it creates. Here was a story about man v machine. One based completely around technology and systems and pragmatism and you would expect that to be completely against a lot of the religious beliefs of most people around the world.

However religion was almost prevalent throughout. The Oracle was like a prophet in every sense of the word. Morpheus was talked about in terms of being a saviour for the characters. Neo was the chosen one and one with powers beyond what could be conceived in the ‘virtual world’ and he even had to die and resurrect himself to fulfil his prophecy of being the one who can save the human race. This had religious and spiritual themes running through it all along. It combines so many aspects that excite and entertain that it should be no surprise there were two popular sequels and no surprise we’re still having Matrix parties and attending in Matrix t shirts.

This was one of those films that just came together with every being perfect. When you add a whole load of cool with Keanu’s long coat, Morpheus sunglasses and Trinity’s leather clad tight body suit it even suited the commercialism of today by being fashionable. Truly one of the greatest films ever made.