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The Running Man T Shirts

One of the greatest science fiction movies ever made and with Arnold Schwarzenegger leading the way it is a beast of a movie when you consider how ingenious the plot was. So different to anything currently at the cinema you honestly feel like you have fast forwarded to 2017 when you watch it. Visually incredible you from the start root for a good man who is unjustly treated and this is why you should show your support with your own Running Man t-shirts.

First and foremost it is a fantasy movie but in it there are some quite interesting social commentaries. The fact media and entertainment dominate everything even to the extent prisoners are forced to fight for their lives for our entertainment seems to have some relevance to the changing shifts of the world at the time it was made. Ben Richards couldn’t have been played better as one by one he forces the show into submission by defeating the paradoxical characters such as Busssaw, Sub Zero and Dynamo.

Held up as pinnacles of virtue, fighters against the criminals that stand in front of them they’re lauded for virtue but each one contain lust, violence inside them and are happy to follow what is a sham of a show where the outcomes are already decided and the facts hidden from the public as they cheer louder and the ratings go higher.

Who wouldn’t want to wear an Anti Killian Running Man t-shirt as the charismatic but ruthless coward invites you to lap up the lies all packed in games and even causing outsides to bet on the outcome as his own audience can win prizes for guessing the next kill. The pivotal moment of the film when momentum swings to Richards is the comic notion of an older woman now asked to pick her favourite and swung by his demonstration of killing prowess choose Ben Richards.

When you sing to the tune of society’s lust for violence when it goes wrong they’ll turn on you until the moment you’re exposed and that’s what we love. That’s why we have a thirst for our Running Man t-shirts because it’s about freedom, the exposure of lies and smoke and mirrors that stop you seeing the truth in a world that is no longer run by governments but by the media that help them into power.

Does it sound all too familiar? Maybe that’s why we can still watch it again and again all these years later.

Running Man T Shirts Delivered Internationally in Sizes Up to XXL

With such a film and the massive global impact it had upon film goers everywhere we had to make sure that we serviced every single one of its fans and that is what we’ll do. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world our Running Man t shirts are available internationally across any country with a postal system.

There’s no restrictions and no lies just great tee’s waiting for you and whilst we can’t guarantee your freedom against what could happen in the future and the influence of the media we can hold true to our word to bring you any size up to XXL almost anywhere in the world. So let’s join the celebration of great films, great science fiction and continue the legendary legacy that the Running Man and Paul Michael Glaser left us.


For full information including plot lines and characters you can visit the Running Man wiki page here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Running_Man_(film)