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Transformers T Shirts

Transfomers has been around for a long, long time before Shia Labeouf or Megan Fox were even known, possibly even conceived but the franchise like so many now revolves currently around the multi million dollars movies that find their way to the big screens every few years. Possibly one of the most loved comic and animated series of all time the story made its way from the toy stores to Hollywood with great success. It has always had a massive following and that is why Transformers t-shirts are still so popular to this day. It isn’t only the comic book fans and toy enthusiasts but those of a certain age will have surely found Transformers a part of their childhood.

The entire premise of the entire franchise is based loosely around two points. Firstly there are a set of robots, highly intelligent who can transform into other objects to disguise themselves. Secondly that they are divided between two groups which are the well meaning Autobots and the much less appealing forces of evil in the Decepticons. The actual premise is fantastic because whilst there are characters we grow and love there is always scope to add a new species on either side. It’s this relation to good v evil that harboured such strong feelings in youngsters and why Transformers t shirts remain important to this day.

The New Movie Franchise and Ultimately a Fourth Hollywood Film

Whilst nobody would ever complain about seeing Megan Fox in an action film there those who think the films are a little devoid of the important themes they have always known but what’s not in question is these films are epic. Incredible special effects and it does bring a reality to the Transformers that few would have ever conceived just over a decade ago. Favourites like Optimus Prime and Megatron have lived up to their incredible billing and Bumble Bee amongst others retains the charm you always wish they would.

Given the success of the films so far it would appear they are a hit with audiences across the world and a new generation of Transformer fans should be born to keep the legacy going. Where once people feared a film based on animation or comics and heroes would trample all over the heritage the special effects revolution has now lead to a rush to see who can enhance any given franchise the most and with Transformers 4 on the cards and some great new films involving Batman and Superman to contend with they’re going have to be pretty good to compete.